Ranges of Equipment used for Earthmoving

For earthmoving jobs, professionals are the only way or source as this is a work which cannot be done by the consumer himself. Be it a small scale earth moving a project or a commercial one, both are easily handled by these professionals as they have the equipment, staff, and operators with highest skill sets required for this job. This equipment and machinery are serviced on a regular basis and are well maintained so that only the best quality services are provided to the consumers as consumer satisfaction is the priority.

The high ranges of equipment which are involved in these processes are as follows-

1) Truck and trailers

2) Excavators (ranging from 1.5 – 45 tonnes)

3) Backhoes

4) Bobcats

5) Semi-tippers

6) Tandem tippers

7) Wheel loaders

8) Graders

9) Dozers (ranging from D3 – D11)

10) Dump trucks (articulated and rigid)

11) Scrapers (both elevation and open bowl)

12) Compactors (ranging from 815 – 825)

13) Water carts (starting from 1000 Litres)


Apart from all these equipment, there also many services which are provided, namely-

1) Removal of concrete, asphalt, rubbish and rocks.

2) Demolition of industrial, residential or commercial spaces.

3) Disposal of contaminated soil.

4) Landfill management.

5) The hiring of dry equipment.

6) Transportation of heavy machinery from one site to another.



A great variety of tippers and trucks for hiring purposes is also available, some of them namely-

1) Tandems

2) Trucks and Trailers

3) Semi Tippers

4) Float Tippers

Traxcavators which are also commonly known as drotts are basically tractors which are crossed on by excavators. They can both push and pull heavy load materials because of a bucket in front of the vehicle. It is used for the purposes of excavation and leveling of grounds, it’s an alternative to using a bobcat hire service like Melbourne Tippers. Semi tippers are also another type of vehicles which are mainly used in the transportation of great amounts of dirt or any other material from one place to another. They come with the newest technology of hydraulic lifters which makes it easier for lifting heavy objects. For hiring purposes, the most popular bobcats can also be done as they are strong, flexible and durable to hold any types of materials and objects.

Posi tracks whereas are same as bobcats but there are tracks replacing the wheels making it a vehicle with more speed and more traction. The working conditions which are efficient for posi tracks are muddy and wet. Backhoes are also an all-purpose machine which can be used both as trackers and loaders at the same time. Also, it can be easily maneuvered and is very compact in size. Customers can also go for graders which are quite heavy and are big in size used primarily for the purpose of leveling and flattening of grounds. These are mostly used in construction areas. Dump trucks are also available and have a tractor in the front and a trailer in the back and can easily go on slippery roads and can also carry more weights than] any other vehicle and are better on hard surfaces.

Safety is the biggest concern for professionals as they do not want to take any risks or cause any harm at work so all the measures are taken beforehand and all the guidelines and rules are followed. Especially the team over at Melbourne Tippers, they take a lot of attention and care into making sure their employees, surrounding workers and everyone involved on the site are safe from mishaps made while operating machinery. That’s why if you’re looking for a machinery hire service, we’ll always recommend the team over at Melbourne Tippers.



The machines and vehicles are equipped with the following safety features-

1) Protective cabins.

2) Audible horns.

3) Audible reversing alarm.

4) Effective brakes.

5) Working headlights.

6) Flashing lights.